Thursday, February 16, 2012

American spending is helping China do this, while our President does this? Very disturbing and must be remembered in November.

Are we really in a recovery, Heritage Foundation gives us the facts in pictures.

This is what it has cost taxpayers for 99 weeks of unemployment payments.

Congressman Paul Ryan (Thanks to GretaWire for the link) takes apart Obama's budget.

Karl Rove writes about Obama and Other People's Money.

More from Investors.Com on the Obama budget.

Freedom Works opines on the birth control mandate while National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez has an excellent interview with Teresa Tomeo, a self proclaimed "former libber and secular journalist" on Obama's mandate. Well worth the read, especially if you have "libber" friends! Don't forget to contact Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer and urge them to support Senator Rubio's bill.

E. J. McMahon makes the case, again, for pension reform. Does anyone know of SUNY employees eager to change the system they have?

The Assembly must be drinking the Kool Aid distributed by the Occupiers if they think this has a snowballs chance of passing.

Time to call it quits Comptroller Liu.

Canada understands our 2nd Amendment better than we do!

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