Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why are we not surprised by this GAO report? Obama has had three years to use that scalpel he told us about when campaigning, guess it is more important to spend time on the golf course helping his friends get lucrative deals than slimming down of a government that is too big. Maybe Michelle should slim down the government since it is important for her to try and get us to slim down.

Speaking of deals, Solyndra is back in the news again.

The Heritage Foundation has a great question...If Nobel were alive, would he take back his prize? (Is the sky blue?)

Heritage also reminds us of the broken promises in Obamacare.
And they tell us about the doom and gloom facing us with changes forthcoming in Medicare.Link

Occupiers get their funds from the 1 percenters, so the question becomes, what would they do if there were no one percenters? Why don't these one percenters just donate to the people who truly need it or to organizations that help people help themselves? Take a look at what Bernie Marcus is doing for our veterans!

More on Obama's assault on the First Amendment.

Oh my, try and stay calm when you read this.

Help us give him the keys on January 21, 2013.

Bob McManus on NYPD's anti-terrorism efforts.

Wow, the NY Times let this get printed in their paper: How to Frack Responsibly.

And the NY Times alerts us to the problems of borrowing from pension funds to pay pension bills. Let us say it one more time: Defined contribution is the best way to resolve the ongoing pension problems.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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