Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Heritage Foundation writes about "buying" votes for unpopular legislation.

Heritage also lets us know that the State Department is promoting the debunked "Gasland" film on hydrofracking. More from Heritage on "Frack Nation".

The Daily Caller gives us some background information on the agreement reached with five banks regarding mortgage write-offs calling it a "$1.1B slush fund".

Some New York politicians are trying to sweeten New York's pension system already one of the most expensive in the Nation. Isn't it interesting that the sponsor, Assemblyman McEneny, collects his pension while still serving as an Assemblyman. Does he have any understanding of the burden this puts on taxpayers? Does he even care about the burden on taxpayers? Double-dipping has been curtailed for future members, but he and his allies" protected" their "right" to double-dip. Speaking of pensions, the Speaker does not like the Governor's proposals for a new tier. The NY Post Editorial page also weighs in on pension reform.

The NY Post Editorial writers are also not thrilled about the Speaker's desire to return to doling out member items, neither are we. And over the weekend, the NY Post also opined about the ravages of raising the minimum wage.

Which group are you in? And some that don't pay anything are sent a check under the guidelines of EITC. How much longer can this go on? Ask Greece!
Capitalism is, in part, what has made America the greatest nation in the world, and its time all Americans understand. Capitalism can and must survive.

Not surprised by this headline, obviously this administration learned nothing from history. This does not bring any hope for those who have lost their jobs and are unable to find new ones because the government and not free markets is driving the economy.

This will make for an interesting election cycle, wonder when we will know where the lines will be.

Just when you think Governor Cuomo really understands the financial problems in our state, he proposes this.

Kudos to Sean Hanna! How much support do you think he will he get from fellow legislators?

Jeff Bell on Rick Santorum. William McGurn also. No matter who you support in the presidential primaries, these articles are well worth the read. Then read this to understand how tilted the current administration really is.

Campaign financing and the First Amendment.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.


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