Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Greetings from CPAC! We're in Washington for this annual conservative conference, and it's an exciting place to be.

People I've talked to are concerned about the GOP primary, for sure – and of course, everyone is waiting to hear what Mitt Romney has to say today – but there's a lot of optimism here that we can beat Obama in November.

The Washington Times has special CPAC coverage that's updated frequently.

So far at CPAC, we've heard from Sens. Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, and former candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

A big topic up for discussion here at CPAC this weekend is President Obama’s trampling of religious freedom with his ObamaCare contraception mandates.

Here are two takes on the issue this morning: Representatives of three faiths writing in The Wall Street Journal, and some blistering analysis from Charles Krauthammer.

We’re hearing reports now that the Obama Administration is ready to compromise on this with some “accommodation” for religious groups – but if you ask me, religious liberty is NOT something to be “accommodated,” it’s something that must be respected, first and foremost.

What do you think? Is President Obama’s (mis)treatment of this issue further proof that he doesn’t care that much about the Constitution and freedom of religion? Give your views today in our new Weekly Poll.

You’ll be seeing plenty of CPAC coverage on the news this weekend. Have a great one!

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