Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stephen Moore writes an excellent column on "A Fairness Quiz for the President".

Planned Parenthood: how it holds taxpayers hostage. More fallout from the Susan G. Koman controversial reversal.

The Heritage Foundation on the HHS directive to curtail our First Amendment rights. It isn't only a Catholic concern as many faiths unite.

Jonah Goldberg sounds off on both of the above issues here.

Breaking News: The 9th Circuit does it again... Violating the will of people

George Soros, another hypocrite.

Another assault on our United States Constitution, not surprisingly in the New York Times.

Can you believe California charges $480 for a red light violation. (Don't let anyone in New York know or they will be on that bandwagon.)

The NY Post writes: Curb the Pensions and we heartily agree.

More on Obama's "deserving" a second term.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.


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