Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

President Obama introduced his budget this week, and it made for a happy Valentine’s Day for huge deficits, soaring debt and massive tax hikes – all of which got plenty of love from the Obama Administration.

“To infinity and beyond” says the American Enterprise Institute of America’s debt future, with a chart to back it up.

Thank goodness we have Rep. Paul Ryan on our side to call out the Obama Administration’s lack of leadership. Can we get more like him? (Can we get him in the White House eventually?)

The Washington Times takes on the important task of explaining why the “economic recovery” we’re hearing so much about – which is said to be driving a political recovery for Obama – is not really all it’s cracked up to be. Here is their view of it:

“What we have are problems with the real economy. America has a large and climbing fiscal deficit, an environment rife with regulatory uncertainty and an ever-increasing red-tape burden. President Obama’s budget proposes tax increases to go along with the higher rates that will kick in with the expiration of George W. Bush’s tax cuts. All of these burdens drag down private-sector investment and job creation.”

The Heritage Foundation weighs in on this matter as well with a straightforward observation: “Obamanomics has failed.”

Since Obama unleashed his new budget the day before Valentine’s, I’ll ask you this: What are your feelings towards the Obama budget? Do you love it? Or are you just not that into it? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Another important issue being discussed this week: Obama’s continued gutting of America’s national security. Specifically, as the Washington Times notes, “President Obama is working to realize the leftist dream of unilateral nuclear disarmament.”

The Washington Examiner also critiques Obama’s “dangerous folly” and what it means for America’s security.

Now how about some good news?

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan will become a cardinal this weekend. Our very own George Marlin – who literally wrote the book on the political impact of American Catholic voters – explores the history of New York archbishops who “refused to compromise their religious principles,” and shows us how Archbishop Dolan is “part of “a long line of fighters.”

Have a great weekend.

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