Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It is really pathetic that a member of the current administration thinks like this, but wait a minute, isn't she just repeating what the President believes.

When you listen to the above, then look at this chart, you realize, if this administration isn't changed, and corporate tax rates as well as personal tax rates aren't lowered, it is only a matter of time before we become Greece. It really is unfortunate that Obama continues to reject helping Americans get out of the recession by allowing the free market to flourish. His latest proposal to triple the tax on dividends increasing it to 44.8% on top of the 35% corporate tax, will certainly put a crimp in the spending of the shareholders. But don't worry, all the people on unemployment (who are being paid with our tax dollars to do nothing) will take up the slack. More on why Obama's corporate tax rate plan is a total bust.

Obama's double talk on gasoline prices.

The Heritage Foundation with more on the assault on the First Amendment and more on Obamacare.

Sally C. Pipes with more on Obamacare.

Seriously, these men and women in Congress are leaders? How childish to argue over what to call a bill, especially when the bill seeks to end selective abortions.

Chairman Long opines on various issues. Also on DiNapoli's opposition to pension reform.

The NY Post Editorial page supports the NYPD's protecting us.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams and a bonus Thomas Sowell column.

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