Monday, February 13, 2012

Analysis of the President's budget by Heritage Foundation. You won't be surprised by his adding almost $3 trillion in debt and raising taxes but leaving most of the pending fiscal disaster to the future. Even Jack Lew, (the presidents COS) appearing on yesterday's talk shows could not help his boss. Reuters reporting you will pay for TSA patdowns.

Tucker Carlson on Media Matters agenda.... eye opening analysis of the relationship with the White House. He will have more this week and we will continue to follow the "dots"....

Do you like numbers? Here is an article on just how in debt we are personally. Thanks to Michael Haltman for posting.

George Marlin opines on the HHS mandate. (Don't forget to vote in our poll.) The President's move to "compromise" is not acceptable. The Weekly Standard Blog writes that "more than 100 university professors, journalists, and think tank scholars signed a letter that explains why Obama's "accommodation" is nothing more than a "cheap accounting trick" and what soon to be Cardinal Dolan thinks of it.

One of NY's up and coming Representatives in Congress, Ann Marie Buerkle, was a featured speaker at CPAC and in this clip explains some of the problems of living in NY.

More borrowing by state and local government will be allowed if the Governor's budget passes as is according to this article. The Governor's office protest too much for it not to be true.

Some NY Lawmakers understand the risk of raising the minimum wage in New York.

If this passes, and it certainly should not, look for more people to leave New York. We can not afford any more pension benefits!

Let's hope everyone understands the problems with the Judges' ruling and can reach a reasonable settlement on when/how many primaries will take place in New York. More here.

The NY Post on Tracking Terror.

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