Monday, February 6, 2012

Isn't it reassuring to know that President Obama believes he is "getting better as time goes on" and that he deserves a second term. Wow, he deserves a second term, interesting choice of words. The fact that he has spent more in the last 3 years than all previous Presidents, is just cause to end his term immediately, can you imagine what he will spend if reelected? Americans deserve more than a President who bashes what Congress has accomplished this past year by simply slowing down his spending. Obama complains that he can't get anything done with the current Congress, and we say Thank YOU to those who have tried to save America with tiny steps. Mr. President, in my opinion, what you deserve is retirement and America deserves a president who understands the core values and beliefs that makes America the greatest nation in the world. One more thought regarding your interview with think one of the toughest parts of being president is that your wife was dragged into the "political realm".....Hmm, guess you really do not understand marriage either.

President Ronald Reagan, would never have said he deserved to be President, he understood the privilege of severing his fellow Americans and never took it for granted. Happy Birthday 101st birthday, your legacy lives on.

One of the consequences of presidential elections in the United States is Americans have to live for years with the judicial appointments made by Presidents; some are good choices, some horrendous as they try to change our Constitution from the bench. Save this article and reread it in November before you vote. Save this one also and be very certain that your vote will help shape the future of America. The stunning statement by Justice Ginsburgh reminds us of how serious elections are. We, the people, control our destiny...will we become a nation that embraces Sharia Law or stand firm for our Constitution?

Another obstacle that is slowing down the hydrofracking discussion: "scanning shoulder", they are not kidding.

More on the problems with windmills.

Speaker Silver, New Yorkers do not agree with you, they think you are being paid enough.

Beware Middle American, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, is coming after your salt, sugar and guns in 2014.

Comptroller John Liu back in the news again and again it is not good news.

Governor Cuomo is becoming more like his father.....refuses to answer Fred Dicker's question this morning.

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