Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Albany Times Union actually has a positive op-ed piece on hydrofracking titled "Promise of natural gas key to future."

The general public should be happy that occasionally we can see the Wizard behind the curtain.

So does Larry Schwartz's statement mean that only the Governor can play politics with Casino gambling expansion?

Bet he has more than enough to keep non-essential programs running.

Sen. Tom Coburn, MD explains where the waste is.... again.

Seriously?  Look we all respect the fragile ecosystem of the ocean, but to scrap a $277M Naval warship so a coral reef isn't damaged really needs cooler heads to come up with another solution. 

When is the main stream media going to cover the fact that the NLRB is operating illegally?  If it were President Bush that had made the illegal appointments that is all we would have heard and read about until they were undone.

We've seen the President golf, buy books, buy ice cream, and drink a beer, but have you ever seen a photo of him skeet shooting?  Neither have I.

Larry Elder writes a History Lesson.

Larry Kudlow finds the silver lining.

Artur Davis on Reaching the Valleys.

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