Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

America is in danger, as the latest attack on our interests illustrates...

... and Obama wants this guy to be our Secretary of Defense.

How bad was Hagel’s confirmation hearing? Very, very bad...

Four dead Americans won’t stop Hillary’s quest for the White House.  “What difference, at this point, does it make?” – how’s that for a campaign slogan?

Totally bankrupt” – that’s America’s future if Obama continues to idolize France and other European nations that have spent themselves into oblivion.

But of course, it won’t be Obama’s fault. Must be nice to not be responsible for anything.

There’s a better way, and The Heritage Foundation offers some helpful do’s and don’ts.

“Mandating a minimum wage is not the way to help workers,” the Post wisely points out.

How would you like to see the minimum wage increased – a lot, a little or not at all?  Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Maybe the less involved the Obama Administration is with job creation, more jobs will actually be created?

We all hope that the jobs situation can’t get much worse than this, but under Obama anything is possible.

RIP Ed Koch.

Have a nice weekend.

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