Thursday, February 28, 2013

We have just returned from the largest rally that Albany's Capitol has seen in years.  The local paper (Albany Times Union) says about 5000 people gathered to protest Governor Cuomo's "NY SAFE ACT" passed on the first day of the 2013 Legislative Session.  As Sen. O'Mara said at the rally, he waited longer to speak than the bill was on his desk.  The West Capitol Park was a sea of people and I personally believe that the number in the Times Union (supporters of the anti-2nd Amendment bill) is way off.  I heard State Police estimate over 12,000 people.  This much is certain, the people who attended the rally were there on their own accord unlike many of the "rent-a-crowd" rallies that have taken place in Albany.

NRA President, David Keene, (described as a gentleman who sticks to his guns) was the keynote speaker and decried the manner in which Governor Cuomo pushed the bill through the legislature and believes Cuomo will find himself unelectable nationally.

Party Executive Director, Shaun Marie, addressed the 2nd Amendment supporters and told them, rest assured the Conservative Party stands with every single person who is here today -- that we will do all we can to REPEAL Governor Andrew Cuomo's NY SAFE ACT.  The NY SAFE ACT leaves us all vulnerable to those who have no regard for the law and the way Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded it be passed on the first day of the legislative session indicates he has little regard for the law-abiding citizens who own guns.  Repeal --- not amend!"

In other news, Sequestration is inevitable and John Brennan has a Benghazi problem.  The Dems just do not understand; spending is the problem. President Obama threatens to veto GOP plan.  Bob Woodward does not back down and continues to be critical of the President. Woodward not the only one threatened, Lanny Davis and why you should be concerned.

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  1. Please, do not contribute one cent of support to any Republican who voted for the SAFE Act.