Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The American Thinker opines on NY's Safe Act. 

We thought you should know about your hard earned tax dollars being used for salaries.

And you should also be aware of the cost to Obamacare if the current  proposal to deal with immigration is adopted.

The Unions pushed for Obamacare, now they want subsidy to help pay for it.

The question now becomes, how much are you willing to pay for Obamacare?  Haven't you had enough of groups pushing for Obamacare, then realizing it is going to cost them more?  They believe we should be taxed and taxed and then taxed again to pay for their folly.  There must be a way to resolve Obama's need for ever increasing tax burden.

The New York Sun's Ira Stoll thinks there is when it comes to entitlements, the fastest growing deficit in the federal budget.

Richard Dryfuss (Manhattan Institute) knows of ways to fix pension costs, thereby helping taxpayers.

And the Heritage Foundation writes about freeing our economy.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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