Monday, February 4, 2013

Anyone who believes this photo certainly knows very little about skeet shooting.

By Steve Kroft's own admission, 60 Minutes and President equal a love affair. 

At the very least, couldn't Steve Kroft ask why the cheapest Obamacare plan will cost $20,000 per family?  Or doesn't Kroft really care about the truth and the economy of Americans.  Kroft could have also asked how Social Security will deal with this dilemma.  But apparently Kroft just wanted to add another Presidential interview to his resume.

The Weekly Standard is also concerned about the decline in birth rates in America.

And Bill O'Reilly writes about What the Babies Would Say if they could to those who want to abort them.

This is certainly cause for concern in Western New York.

It is amazing how the left just changes words and we are all supposed to believe that everything is right with the world.  "Liberals" is a word no longer praised by most, so they are all "Progressives" now.  "Member Items", New York's term for "earmarks" or "pork in the budget" is no longer acceptable to the general public, so Andrew Cuomo banned "Member Items" and now has, for himself, not the 213 Legislative Members, $3 billion in "discretionary funds" that he is calling "transformational projects."  Governor Cuomo has apparently forgotten that a "Rose by any other name would smell as sweet"  but his "transformational projects" are becoming a bone of contention among the Members.  The Conservative Party contents that these are tax dollars being used to curry favor and neither the Governor nor Members should be using them.  Let the taxpayers keep their hard earned money.  Perhaps, Governor Cuomo should have a sit-down with Governor Perrry, they could discuss taxes and guns!

We certainly do not advocate a late budget, but this headline should be cause for concern.   Is the plan to pass an early budget a plan to keep the contents as vague and not fully examined as possible?  When you build  a house sans foundation, it is bound to collapse at some point.  Many of the Budget Articles state how dependent the state is on federal funds, well the Feds are looking to be reimbursed for a large portion of funds already paid and may cut future funds.  And let's not forget, Medicaid is funded in part by the Counties, so taxpayers could be hit with a double whammy.  Are Legislators looking to seriously cut/reform Medicaid, and if not, why not?

First it was 7 and we didn't know where, then we were told 3 would be used to bring tourism to upstate New York, then we were told if politics was involved he would withdraw his support, now today, we are told Niagara Falls area is in addition to the 3 outlined in his State of the State message.  Governor Cuomo, seems to us that you are playing politics with casinos and not being forthcoming with New Yorkers. 

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