Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NYC Mayoral candidate, George McDonald, scores a win in Court, but AG Schneiderman is challenging his win.  If AG Schneiderman is successful, New Yorkers will be the losers. 

To say that NYC Comptroller John Liu is in above his head would be an understatement.

Bill O'Reilly strongly criticizes Governor Cuomo's radical abortion plan.  He, O'Reilly, has more faith in Americans right now than Rush Limbaugh does.

Sequestration!  According to the Administration, Sequestration equals Armageddon and we are doomed if sequestration takes place. Bob Woodward reminds us that this was the Administration's idea.  The NY Post reminds us that it equals 2.4 cents per dollar.  Michael Goodwin writes about the Administration's super hype to scare the population.  Speaker Boehner is upset about President Obama using the Military as a prop in the debate.  The Heritage Foundation has practical solutions.  Seriously, President Obama, do you really have to raise the terror threat?    Andrew Malcolm reminds us that the President  is now blaming Republicans for his idea.   This chart helps explain spending continues just at a slightly -- 2.4% -- less rate. (The way the Administration is carrying on, one would think that the sequestration was cutting 20% from current spending rather than 2.4% of projected spending.)

President Obama still insists spending is not our biggest problem.

With "logic" like this, no wonder the Administration thinks the way it does.  If this think tank is his favorite place to get policy advice, we really are doomed.

President Obama should start listening to Dr. Benjamin Carson instead of the Center for American Progress. 

Lest we forget:  The Power of Economic Progress.

Bill Hammond thinks hydrofracking may be acceptable.  Welcome aboard, Mr. Hammond. 

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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