Thursday, February 14, 2013

Descent among his own party members.  Governor Cuomo is facing criticism regarding his budget from members of his own political party, from Comptroller DiNapoli and  from Syracuse Mayor and Democratic Party Co-Chair, Stephanie Miner.  The Comptroller says "The budget increases our debt burden and relies on temporary actions that will get us through short-term problems but pushes off some hard choices for another day,"  seems as if we are not the only ones who are concerned about New York's spending problem.

The New York Post Editorial asks the question "What are republicans good for?"  They are concerned about the possibility of Albany raising the minimum wage (see our legislative memo here) and worry that the republicans will comprise their principles and allow an increase to go forward.  The NY Post wants genuine opposition, and WE are the genuine opposition.  Click here to change your registration and join our cause. 

The NY Post also wants Governor Rick Perry to come here to make his case — and force a debate New York’s political class prefers to ignore.  Since Texas has benefited from our high tax burden, we certainly need to force the debate. 

John Lott thinks background checks may do more harm than why here.

ICYMI yesterday, the good news on New Yorkers views on Governor Cuomo's radical abortion plan.

The Watertown Times wants to know "How many delays?"  So do we, Governor Cuomo!

Why the President is wrong on universal preschool.   And what his is outrageous spending is really doing to the American economy.  

Taking Terrorism and the Arab Spring Seriously.

Great advice from the Gipper to his son Michael .... Happy Valentines Day!

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