Monday, February 25, 2013

In a Newsmax article you can read here  former Governor Pataki speaks out on Governor Cuomo's radical plan to expand abortions in New York State.  

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo's top legal aide, Nancy Denerstein,  tries to "correct" the "wildly false misinformation" those of us who respect life are saying which is based on the only bill that is available for us to review.  The bottom line is simple:  Innocent Life at any stage must be respected.  The NY Times' headline is correct when it states "Cuomo Bucks Tide With Bill to Ease Limits on Abortion."  With all of the advances in medicine, it is making people realize that this unborn child can no longer be called anything except an innocent unborn child. 

The New York City Mayor's race is wide open and hopefully residents are listening to all the candidates.  The Conservative Party is paying close attention to the race.  

Another good article --  dealing with the issue of binding arbitration -- by E. J. McMahon in Newsday.  (subscription required.) 

Governor Cuomo is raising money and recognition out side of New York State.  Do you still think he isn't running for President?   For a person who wants campaign finance reform, he certainly does not hesitate to fund raise for what he wants.  And, of course,  what George Soros wants.....

It really is unfortunate that neither understand the ramifications of raising the minimum wage. 

Speaker Silver always wants more.  He will disregard rules or laws if they don't fit what he demands and will work around ways to be certain to get the money for his pets....taxpayers don't matter.   

About that promise the President made to Americans about their health care,  apparently he can't keep it.  

The Heritage Foundation thinks the President is a flip-flopper, especially on same-sex marriage. 

 I can't help but wonder if this was part of Governor Brown's plan to raise the taxes even higher in California, knowing full well the residents will not put up with this. 

Even the CBC (Citizens Budget Commission) is rejecting a Gov. Cuomo budget proposal.  

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