Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More sequestration hype here but apparently Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) does not understand the spending problems America faces.  Rep. Lee introduced legislation to create a Cabinet level -Secretary of Peacebuilding! 

President Obama (and Senator Reid)  wants to raise taxes and doesn't believe we have a spending problem.... Reason.Com explains why he is wrong. 

Phil Gramn, who knows a thing or two on how to manage budgets shows his monetary wisdom  in today's Wall Street Journal article. (subscription required)

American Enterprise Institute has an excellent article on "The Presidency Redefined."

Here is a novel idea:  How about cutting the employees the federal government pays not to work for Uncle Sam? 

Investors abandon solar; is any one surprised?

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams -- a must read on President Obama's wanting to raise the minimum wage.

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