Monday, January 14, 2013

Will the NYS Legislature vote to limit your guaranteed Constitutional Right to own guns today ?   If they do, they may as well resign themselves to many very unhappy law abiding gun owning constituents.   Law abiding citizens are not the problem, and any legislation considered must recognize that fact.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke about "legislation should focus on limiting criminal access to guns", with 506 murders in Chicago last year and the overwhelming majority by illegal guns, do you really think his proposal to prevent Chicago's pension funds from investing in gun companies is the answer to the violence in his city?  Seems to me that is the least of his problems. His focus should be on eliminating the Gangs in Chicago (this is how he also wants to eliminate guns as if this will keep guns out of the hands of gang members),  having an environment that creates jobs, bringing back values that respect life.  But all he says is lets stop using pension dollars in gun manufacturing companies.  As we have stated, whether  in Webster, New York, Chicago, Aurora, Newtown, the problem is not the inanimate object, it is the person who uses it and/or those who obtain it illegally.  The only way to end the violence is to treat the entire problem.

Do you thing Head Start has achieved its goals.  Read this, then ask yourself if its time to end the Head Start Program. More here from the Heritage Foundation.  Keep this in mind when the NYS Legislature wants to commit to universal pre-K and full time kindergarten as well as longer school days and a longer school year.  Just when you think you can get rid of wasteful spending, as out lined in the above report, you find funding buried in a  bill that is government's true responsibility.  (And pundits wonder why most Americans have a strong dislike for Congress...)

Did you know that arrogance is now spelled this way "President Obama".   Mr. President, the voters also kept a Republican Congress to keep a check on your agenda.   Mark Levin speaks for a lot of Americans here.

Didn't any other company qualify? 

Who said this? "In short, we must get control of the state’s credit card. It’s time to get serious about debt reform."  You  may be surprised. 

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