Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We are very disappointed in the New York State Legislature and the Governor of New York who issued a message of necessity to pass a gun control law that essentially makes criminals of ordinary citizens who believed they were protected by the 2nd Amendment.  Read the bill here and you can also find out how your legislator voted.  We have to ask -- why the urgency to ram this bill through the Legislature?  A message of necessity was not necessary and the Governor's reasoning for it was flawed.  The Bill had very little time to be examined and understood by Legislators and certainly no time for public input.  The Governor announced an agreement at about 8:00 PM and the Senate approved the package shortly after 11:00 PM for a bill that is approximately 39 pages long.

Chairman Long decries "political charade" of gun control. 

This Professor is teaching young minds and unfortunately there are many who think as he does that are also teaching.  Its time to rethink tenure. 

The problem with the press is so very evident in this headline.  Unfortunately, in today's society, many people read the headline and think the headline is reflective of the whole article.  Conservatives have a problem with legislative initiatives in a bill that should be for disaster relief.  The problem is adding legislative pork (that has little chance of passing) to a bill that is needed.  It wasn't Sandy Aid they are trying to chip away, it is the unnecessary spending but unless you read the whole article, you come away with the belief that conservatives do not want to help those who have been devastated by Sandy.  Nothing is further from the truth.

This chart is a real eye opener...

How the tune changes.....

Hopefully he will stand strong....

But again, the President doesn't care about Congress, as he is more than willing to not only trash the 2nd Amendment, he bypasses Congress by Executive Order.  

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell. 

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