Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Q and A on the law signed by Governor Cuomo less than an hour after it passed the Assembly.  However, as experts actually read the bill, the Q and A's on the bill may need to be reviewed.  During the Assembly debate yesterday, I clearly heard it said  that some Chapter Amendments would be needed as the bill language was not specific enough.  More on the  bill here, here and here. One of the few Republican/Conservative Senators who voted for the 2nd Amendment by voting against the bill is Kathy Marchione (who is scheduled to speak at our CPPAC conference) wants you to sign her petition to repeal and replace the restrictive new gun control measures.  Click here to sign the petition.  

Bob McManus has a great column in today's NY Post, it paints the real picture of Governor Cuomo.

Here is more proof that Governor Cuomo is  only about Governor Cuomo or do as I say not as I do.  The Legislature would be fools to pass his version of campaign finance reform, especially since there is no public outcry for campaign finance reform.  The only real cry for it is from left leaning editorial boards and Sheldon Silver and his entrenched buddies.  

President Obama is also shredding the 2nd Amendment.  Here is a list of his Executive Orders.  Flashback to what Vice-President Biden said in 2008.

Even Liberal Progressives are saying:  It's his (Obama's) debt now.

And he is adding more (at least $4.5 B)  with the latest Executive Orders on guns.  

Good advice from the Heritage Foundation. 

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams  (Definitely one of his best columns.)

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