Thursday, January 10, 2013

Governor Andrew Cuomo launches Presidential Campaign in his third State of the State Address.

The Albany Times Union, certainly not a center right paper, says "Cuomo Leans to Left", we say he's gone back to his roots.

The New York Times was certainly pleased by his return to his progressive (even wonder why liberal is now progressive) ideals. 

The Daily News quotes Speaker Silver's reaction to the State of the State "“I think he’s emphasized his own liberal, social agenda which he’s always had,” Silver said.  (A rare moment of honest in Albany!)

Hmm, we understand why Governor Cuomo believes he has not made a left turn, he is after all just promoting his true beliefs and pushing for women's equity.

Listen to what Fred Dicker said on his radio program about the Governor's third State of the State.

If Governor Cuomo gets his radical abortion law passed, New York's religions freedoms will go the same way  Obamacare is closing in on them on the federal level.  

Governor Cuomo and President Obama think alike. 

One of the problems in raising the minimum wage is outlined here. 

Are we facing a new recession?
Is it ironic that Senator Harry Reid's "secret amendment" in the Affordable Health Care Bill may limit the ability of the feds to collect firearms registration data?  Before New York State makes any changes to gun laws, they best be aware of what else may be hidden in Obamacare. 

Where we rank in Economic Freedom, once the leading nation, we are now ranked 10th.  This is President Obama's gift to Americans, I shudder to think where we will be by the end of his term. 

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