Monday, January 7, 2013

The United States unfortunately is not the only entity reaching its debt limit, according to Comptroller DiNapoli so is New York.

More bad news for New York as E. J. McMahon explains health insurance premiums will cost more despite the fact that Governor Cuomo claims to have saved New Yorkers money when he denied increases in private health insurance. E. J. also has an opinion piece in today's New York Post on how the feds squeeze NY's golden geese.

Seriously, Governor Cuomo, do you really think New York has lax gun laws?  Maybe you should run ads about how the democratic controlled Assembly coddles criminals instead!  And you should seriously stop this talk about ending stop and frisk as that one action takes numerous illegal guns off the streets.  Go after the criminals, not law abiding citizens.  New York still bans assault weapons, a fact that Governor Cuomo does not seem to be aware of according to a quote in Liz Benjamin's blog.  (Check New York Penal Law 265 for a list of weapons that are outlawed.) 

Another major mistake by Sheldon Silver and those who want citizens to be dependent on government services.

Only the very naive are surprised by this headline. 

Only $375,000,  can't help but wonder what it will be for the 2012 election cycle.

The Heritage Foundation on the s l o w dismantling of Obamacare.

Freshmen Republican Class in Congress says bring it on.

Do you feel safer with these potential heads of Defense and CIA?  Neither do we. 

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