Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CPNYS hopes everyone had a very good Christmas Holiday and that 2013 is a good year for you.  We hope that you are prepared to pay more in taxes, as the deal that President Obama got to avert falling over the fiscal cliff is going to cost you and future generations more than you realized.  If you though because an agreement was reached you wouldn't be facing a tax increase, you will be very disappointed and you will be disappointed because for every $1 in spending cuts there is $41 in tax increases.

The Heritage Foundation looks at the deal here and here

Here is the Washington Times analysis.

77% of households will pay more taxes.

As Charles Gasparino wrote in today's New York Post "This 'cure' worse than the disease."  (This is what Charles Gasparino said about the deal prior it its passage.)  The NY Post Editorial calls it "an ugly deal".

Forbes supported no deal and thinks we would have been better off with no deal.

More on the deal from the Wall Street Journal.

Here is what Charles Krauthammer thinks of the deal.

And just in case your friends still think it may have been a good deal, have them  read this.

Then let them know more taxes are on the way.

Nicole Gelinas (who will be one of our guest speakers at this year's CPPAC) lets us know that Wall Street is facing fiscal woes in 2013.

George Marlin writes about LIPA's predictable failure. 

Georgetown Law Professor is teaching students that our Constitution is "downright evil".

We stand firm with no new gun control laws.

Thomas Sowell's Tuesday's column.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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