Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Heritage Foundation has a very reasonable statement on Immigration and one that certainly reminds our legislators that we are primarily a county based on the rule of law and we do not reward those who break our laws.  The National Review is also on record regarding our rule of law and immigration.  Their article sums up a very good reason why Republicans in Congress should think twice before they consider supporting another amnesty bill.

Mark Styne sounds off also.

Senator Skelos denounces Governor's plan to radically expand abortion in New York State.

Chairman Long on YNN.  (You will need a TWC ID [subscriber to Timer Warner] to access video)

NYC Comptroller John Liu's troubles are mounting.

Nicole Gelinas writes about big spending Mayor Bloomberg.

What  President Obama's regulations are costing us. 

File this under big time wasteful spending and this belongs in the same place.

Government makes it possible to be unemployed and we are all going to pay the price.

States that show economic growth have something in common.  Do you think New York will ever follow suit?

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams and a bonus Thomas Sowell article.

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