Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today is a heartbreaking day.  Almost 55 million babies have been aborted since Roe vs Wade became law 40 years ago.  Was one of the babies aborted the person who would find the cure for breast cancer?  Testicular cancer?  Aids?  Cerebral Palsy?  Multiple sclerosis?  Perhaps one of them may have found a way to eliminate famine or a more accurate way of predicting earthquakes.  We will never know.  Yes, today is not a day to celebrate, today is a day to mourn the loss of precious life.

Is anyone surprised about his progressive/liberal agenda?  Certainly not regular readers of this blog.  We are not surprised that President Obama reached out to his base and not the rest of Americans.  The Heritage Foundation has a good "translation" in case you missed the nuances in the address.

A good chart to show your share of debt.

Deroy Murdock had a good column in the NY Post on hydrofracking.

More on the gun control issue here, here, and here.

Bill O'Reilly says "Just Say Yes"

More on Benghazi. 

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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