Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here is a nice overview of what’s going on in the GOP primary race, with Mitt Romney introducing a new economic plan and Rick Perry and many other candidates focusing on Iowa.

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The Washington Times highlights this undeniable fact: Whoever wins the GOP nomination is going to have a tough fight on their hands taking on Obama.

And here the head of the GOP explains how Obama is trying to make this election about anything but his agenda.

GOP chair Reince Priebus notes, “It’s up to Republicans to hold President Obama accountable for his record,” like the sluggish job creation we learned about just today.

I’m happy to see these examples of Republicans holding the Obama Administration accountable: First, Senate Republicans blocked yet another Obama spending spree.

And the House continues trying to get to the bottom of the Solyndra scandal.

Here in New York, Andrew Cuomo is once again under pressure to raise taxes. Will he cave? You can count on the Conservative Party to hold him accountable.

Have a great weekend!

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