Monday, November 21, 2011

Today's NY Post Editorial calls for the immediate resignation of NYC Comptroller, John Liu. Nicole Gelinas has more on NYC Comptroller here.

The NY Post doesn't like possible "insider trading" by Congress. And Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institute doesn't approve of Senator Gillibrand's solution.

Dean Norton, President of NY Farm Bureau, speaks out on hydrofracking.

The Heritage Foundation on Defense Spending here and here.

Another reason to hope the US Supreme Court ends Obamacare. Adding more to the rolls, with hardly anyone to weed out the fraud, will only increase the cost to taxpayers.

New York has concerns with the effects of the Super Committee's probable failure to reach an agreement.

Could it be a simple oversight or did the filing of vouchers saying she was in Albany when she wasn't help her believe she paid the rent then?

Spanish voters get it right.

The Netherlands acknowledge they were wrong on wind turbines and Prince Philip calls them "simply useless". So when will Obama begin investing our money in them? Or do they only like solar companies that have political ties?

Is it possible that the 2012 GOP National Convention will be exciting instead of a coronation?

Just in case you missed Chris Matthews over the weekend.

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