Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As anticipated, the Super Committee did not reach any agreement on cutting the deficit. For some analysis read this, this, this, this and this.

Will you personally feel the effect in January? Or will Congress do what it always does?

E. J. McMahon isn't as dire as Gov. Cuomo is on the failure of the Super Committee.

William McGurn writes how government should really stay out of soup kitchens at Thanksgiving. (Personally, government has too much time on its hands and gets involved in far too many things.)

The Washington Post writes about the dificult balance between government and housing finance. If the government did not make unreasonable demands and had not interfered, taxpayers would have a lot more of their own money. Again, government is too big with too much time on its hands.

More on government interference in private business.

There is no doubt, the Washington Examiner is correct. We must take control of our Country, it is unfortunate that we can't do it sooner. Especially when we have a President that says things like this.

NY's AG, Eric Schneiderman, wants more power, isn't that thought chilling.

Very interesting article on crime statistics in 24/7. How soon before the bleeding heart liberals try to debunk it?

Have you read what former Democratic Representative Artur Davis said regarding voter fraud.

Will you watch the debate tonight? (CNN needs the ratings boost!)

Another great Tuesday (column) with Thomas Sowell.

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