Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today's NY Post Editorial is a hard hitting honest appraisal of Albany's newest unfunded mandate. The WSJ also makes the case against such an expensive unfunded mandate.

Let's hope Governor Cuomo listens to this good advice from George J. Marlin. (Marlin also writes about Justice & Peace -- and the Financial Crisis here.)

At least it appears on paper that Governor Cuomo is looking for more cuts, we must make certain that he keeps his word on this and the "millionaires" tax.

Jacob Gershman writes about the pressure the Governor will be under to continue the "millionaires" tax.

The Heritage Foundation on Debunking Obama's Latest Jobs Myth.

The Foundation also has a handy "appropriations tracker" for you to monitor appropriations.

Peggy Noonan writes about The Divider vs. The Thinker.

Obama can't help himself, he just continues to divide.

Judge Andrew Napolitano writes about what government has done with your money. The 8th paragraph is an excellent portrayal of this Administration.

Is it White House hypocrisy? Absolutely!!

Michael J. Boskin, a professor of economics, writes about the GOP and the various plans for tax reform.

Time to throw the bums out. No surprise here.

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