Tuesday, November 8, 2011


AG Eric Holder is spending time before a Congressional Committee today. Link
We agree with a Human Events article, by Adam Hasner, believes no matter what he says he should be let go.

Sen. Jim DeMint is concerned we are still not cutting enough from the federal budget.

For 37 straight months the Federal Government took in less than it spent. It's no wonder that 77% of small business owners are not hiring.

Words of advice for the Super Committee from Mercatus Center. More background on why the US needs to restructure the corporate income tax.

Rich Lowry on Obama's Keystone XL Kops.

Some views on OWS by the Heritage Foundation, the NY Post Editorial Page, and Marybeth Hicks.

Checkout E. J.McMahon's "How to Compare Property Taxes in New York" here.

Hydrofracking could be an issue in some of today's elections.

When hydrofracking begins in New York State the inflated cost of doing business in New York will take its toll.

Pat Foye has another fan.

Are we becoming a Godless society? How terribly sad if true, especially considering how our Nation was founded because people wanted Religious Freedom.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell who also alludes to the OWS debacle.

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