Thursday, November 17, 2011

It isn't looking good for NYC Comptroller John Liu.

If this is the future for NYC, you will see hard working taxpayers flee, and maybe only OWS'ers will stay. How will the city pay its bill then? Any answer from those who support their antics? This is not the way to win support in NYC or elsewhere.

George Will on Spending ascending - with or without a budget sequester.

Did you know 15 years ago, then Senator Joe Biden made an impassioned plea for a balanced budget amendment and the debt was $107 billion, not the $15 trillion of today? Where does he stand now? Silence from VP Joe wonder, since he and Obama have taken office the budget deficit has risen $4.407 trillion! The WSJ calls for a stronger balanced budget amendment than the one being offered today.

Sen. Reid spends too much time in the Capitol, he needs to get out into the real world. Maybe then he will come to understand the real world.

Solyndra not likely to repay us, the taxpayers, but Obama's buddies will most likely get their "investment" back. (Something we won't forget next November!)

This makes the case for corporate tax reform!

Words of wisdom from Larry Kudlow.

China spends heavily on its defense budget.

Dissent in NYS Democratic Party?

Karl Rove on Hunting with SEALs.

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