Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Corzine is feeling the heat as feds eye missing money from MF Global. Can't help but ask why didn't the safeguards that Congress imposed prevent this? Do you think Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank will have an answer?

Is the Federal Government encouraging couples to live together without benefit of marriage?

Are they making the case that it is alright to lie?

Betsy McCaughey writes more truth about Obamacare.

Let your Congressman know this can not happen, isn't this how the unravelling of our economy started.

And Sen. Pat Toomey needs your help getting this passed. Good news on the pro-life movement from Fred Barnes.

Will Lanny Breuer become AG Holder's fall guy?

More on Zuccotti Park here and look at what they want to build in Albany's Academy Park. The Daily News is reporting that OWS protesters now have rules against stealing, sexual harassment and hurting others - including their feelings. The group also put a ban on fuel, weapons or drugs in the park. Consequences of the OWS protests.

Hydrofracking is under attack again, find ways here and here to help create jobs in New York.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

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