Monday, November 14, 2011

Was there ever any doubt they would when 26 States signed on to challenged the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

More, from the Heritage Foundation, on Obama's killing of the Keystone Pipeline energy project, not only jobs at stake, has Obama's decision opened the door to Canada doing business in China?
Speaking of China, what are they doing in their desert?

Did your "green energy company" have a chance of securing a government loan? According to this, you had a chance if you were an Obama donator.

The OWS cost to New York's businesses, not inclusive of cost to the city-- overtime for police etc. People in NYC are getting fed-up with OWS. In Albany County, David Soares, elected by the WFP, will not prosecute the OWS squatters arrested over the weekend. How does a District Attorney get away with selective prosecution?

Assemblyman William Boyland was acquitted in NYC, but may be facing charges in Albany. CBS 6 in Albany is bringing this report to DA Soares....will Soares really follow up or will his selective prosecution get in the way of doing his job? This is one to follow.

Hold on to your wallets, the state budget deficit is growing.

The NY Post is calling on Manhattan's DA Vance to investigate NYC Comptroller John Liu.

Will Chelsea be fair and balanced, oops, that is another TV station!

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