Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well, Senator Coburn's solution, is no solution, rather it appears to be harmful, why are we not surprised that the President and liberals like it. Very, very disappointing.

Senator Jim DeMint says supporting Sen. McConnell's plan "suicidal" for House GOP Members.

Kudos for the House GOP for passing Cut, Cap and Balance! More here, here and here. The Post Journal understands. Now is the time to take action in the US Senate. Call Senators Schumer, Gillibrand, Reid and McConnell (202--224-3121 main number) and demand they do the same.

We are not surprised by this either. President Obama, once again, is planning on forcing his position, while playing coy in the media. Obamacare to consider mandating birth control, your tax dollars to be used to pay for it. This percentage will increase as more information is released on Obamacare.

The Watertown Daily Times is calling for fiscal restraint when considering judicial raises.

New York businesses are mailed a huge unexpected bill. So, let me see if I understand; taxpayers paid for the stimulus and part of the stimulus was used for mandated extended unemployment benefits, and now businesses have to pay $95 million for the interest only due on Sept. 30. Something isn't right with this picture, you know you will end up absorbing this cost.

A word of advice to Governor Cuomo, before you spend $10M advertising that NY is open for business, be sure it is.

The assault on marriage continues.

July 24, speak out for traditional marriage: click here to find out how.

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