Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Today is the self-imposed deadline to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling debate and it certainly looks like this deadline will come and go without being resolved.

The Democratic led US Senate, led by the cowardly lion, AKA, Sen. Harry Reid, pushed through, by deploying a rarely used tactic the “Cut, Cap and Balance Bill” one day early after calling it “weak and senseless”. The bill would cut spending by $111 billion in 2012, cap spending over the next decade and prohibit more borrowing until Congress passes a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution. To a leader that has been unable to pass a budget for over 800 days, it may appear to be “weak and senseless” but to Americans who understand the debt crisis, it is the only realistic solution. After the vote to destroy hope, Sen. Reid, again, showing his lack of courage and understanding, quickly left town for the weekend.

The Heritage Foundation reminds us of the reasons why the economy is stuck in neutral. This week marks the anniversaries of job-killing legislation passed by the democratic majority when they controlled both houses.

Here in New York, there is renewed reason to believe that hydrofracking may begin.

Atlantis has landed, and with the final landing comes the realization that America, under the Obama Administration, has relinquished its role in space exploration. The achievements of NASA go far beyond landing on the moon and building the space station. Simple items, for example, cordless power tools, have made our lives simpler, but far more important is the advances in medicine, from laser heart surgery to new arms and legs. Cancer research has also benefited from NASA’s research and saving the life of an infant within the womb is possible with pint size transmitters. The Space Program, hailed by John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan has benefited mankind in ways never imagined and this week all of the potential future benefits have ended when Atlantis landed.

NASA is closed for business. Yes, private industry is poised to take over, but it will be years until it does. Meantime, we will pay Russia over $60 million each time we need to “hitch a ride” to the space station. We will give our hard- earned tax dollars to Russia allowing them to use their financial resources to aid our enemies. Do you think this was a good move by our President? Let us know in our weekly poll.

This is a You Tube video of the Shuttle Launch Director's comments during practice for the final launch of the space shuttle.

The heat wave may continue through Sunday, if so, bring plenty of water, when you attend the “Let the People Vote” rallies throughout the state on Sunday. They begin at 3:00 PM - after the worst part of a days heat.

Keep cool and enjoy you weekend.

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