Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still debating the debt ceiling crisis. Suddenly, August 2 may not be doomsday!

Is that good news, or does it just give them more time to hijack Reagan? What will a downgrade for the Nation really mean? Some insight is contained in an interview between Larry Kudlow and David Beers.

Congressman Paul Ryan writes: A step forward, but a long journey remains.

The Hill writes that the GOP is picking up votes for the Boehner plan, while the WSJ warns the GOP of the dangers of falling into Obama's hands.

Jonah Goldberg on Obama's Towering Inferno nails Obama -- cann't you just imagine this as a Saturday Night Live skit.

Pete DuPont is worried about the future. After reading Michael Barone's column, the future looks brighter.

It isn't only the debt ceiling debate or Obamacare that is hurting the economy, it is also the government red tape.

Mr. President, have you seen this? Big mistake closing our space exploration!

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