Monday, July 18, 2011

Bob Turner has some fans. John Gizzi writes about his chances of winning in the 9th CD. and Michael Goodwin highlighted Ed Koch's endorsement in his Sunday column. Needless to say Sheldon Silver did not like the column which is, in reality, another endorsement for Bob Turner!!

Sen. Charles Schumer's choice for a Federal Judge leaves a lot to be desired.

Did republicans who voted against traditional marriage sell their vote? Wouldn't that be illegal to sell your vote? Just asking..... Roy McDonald likes the influx of money. A lot of money went into lobbying for non-traditional marriage Town clerks who don't want to preform non traditional marriages are being given legal advice. If you support traditional marriage, there are rallies being held on July 24, 2011 across the state. Click here for more information.

The NY Post calls for a ban on "member items" and a veto on a stealth tax.

The Heritage Foundation wants to know what is poverty in America.

Are we heading to pre-Reagan tax rates?

The President's real agenda.

The federal government uses how much on gasoline a day? If my math is correct, that is about
$3M a day (based on $4.00 a gallon which 8 states are at again.) Think they can find some savings here?

Privacy...a thing of the past!

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