Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

As the debt ceiling debate rages, here is a blistering column by Charles Krauthammer highlighting Obama’s flip-flopping on reining in the deficit.

Republicans are under pressure to compromise on the debt ceiling, and there are plenty of ideas for bringing down the deficit – everything from huge tax hikes and massive defense cuts to cutting corporate welfare, eliminating redundant or inefficient federal agencies or even abolishing whole departments like the education bureaucracy.

If you were House Speaker John Boehner, which ideas would you accept for cutting spending and bringing down the deficit? Give your opinion today by voting in our new Weekly Poll.

Here is the latest proof – as though we needed more – that the Obama Agenda isn’t working...

And here is another example – as though we needed convincing – of how Washington’s efforts to run our lives often have disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile the “Fast and Furious” guns-for-Mexico scandal continues to erupt.

And it’s looking more and more as though left-wing political correctness – not the concerns of 9/11 families or the actual truth about what happened almost 10 years ago – will define the Ground Zero Memorial... which means it will be no memorial at all. What a pity.

Have a nice weekend.

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