Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

In The Wall Street Journal, Maggie Gallagher explains just how badly the New York GOP has shot itself in the foot (surprise, surprise) with the marriage issue... and she notes the Conservative Party’s commitment to holding the politicians accountable on Election Day.

Conservatives have two options on the marriage issue – keep fighting or give up. It’s as simple as that. What’s your choice? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Has the marriage issue forced Obama to come out as a states rights advocate? Well, just this once, since it suits his political agenda and keeps him from having to take an actual stand on an issue.

The Obama Administration and the Chuck Schumer liberals in Washington are also trying desperately to redefine fiscal responsibility. They think “tax-and-spend” is the way to economic growth. They’re wrong.

Look for the liberals to keep trying to redefine science and common sense, now that a new report is calling for an end to the ban on hydro-fracking.

As the Post points out, “... don't expect the greenies to buy in. They'll no doubt keep up the hysteria -- because they are opposed to hydro-carbon-based energy, no matter what.” Read the rest of the editorial for the Post’s spot-on response to the Left’s non-sense.

As you read what I’ve written here, and as you click on this week’s July 4th weekend Wrap-Up links, remember how lucky we are to have these freedoms... the freedom to criticize our President and a U.S. Senator, to find news stories that show why they deserve criticism, to state our opposition to laws and express our determination to change them.

I think our Founders would be pretty pleased that our country in so many ways reflects the freedoms they envisioned... and I think they’d be happy that so many Americans are so determined to fix what needs fixing, change what needs changing, and make our great nation even greater.

Remember too that so many brave men and women have sacrificed so much, and continue to sacrifice today, to defend our freedoms. They deserve our support. I was reading the other day that President George W. Bush, through his Presidential Library and Museum, is hosting a series of events for wounded warriors – and here the Bush Center has listed a number of outstanding groups that help those who suffered serious injuries while serving our nation. If you’re inspired to support our troops this July 4th, these groups could be a great place to start.

And troops serving around the world right now deserve our support too. The USO of course is a great resource.

If you know someone from your community who is serving overseas, it’s pretty easy to send out a special “care package” and show that our troops have plenty of support back home.

And of course, have a great holiday weekend!

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