Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Conservative/Republican Candidate, for the 9th CD, Bob Turner, is off and running! And Ed Koch wants you to vote for him.

Sen. Jim DeMint to hold forum with GOP hopefuls.

More on the debt ceiling here, here, here and Charles Krauthhammer really tells it like it is. Mychael Massie has some advice for the President. The Jamestown Post-Journal editorial board supports conservative lawmakers who want to hold the line against Obama's plan for higher taxes.
The Washington Times on Boehner's position.

A reminder as to how we got into this crisis.

But will the Senate consider repealing this?

Reagan asked this question in 1980..... time to ask again? We already know the answer.

Kudos to the Appeals Court.

Is the IRS really that short of cash that they have to do this? (If he kept the ball and sold it to the highest bidder, maybe then I would understand.)

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