Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

As the debt ceiling debate continues, Charles Krauthammer hits another one out of the park...

And as he notes: “If conservatives really want to get the nation’s spending under control, the only way is to win the presidency.” Who is your current choice for the GOP presidential nomination? Cast your vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Good to see somebody
calling out Chuck Schumer on his loose interpretation of the truth...

It seems that Schumer is so busy misquoting people and looking for ways to use his favorite word (“extremists”) he and Harry Reid aren’t getting much done in the Senate.

Chuck and Harry sure can’t be bothered with mundane details like
presenting an actual budget – but then, if I had their ideas for higher taxes and more spending, I’d be trying to keep things off the record too.

And then there’s Sen. Gillibrand,
insightful as ever...

This is going to break Andrew Cuomo's heart - but we applaud what The New York Post describes as his
“Pension Smackdown”... and we’re also on board for his crackdown on illegal sales of tax-free cigarettes on Indian reservations.

Based on his
“Anti-Christ” comments yesterday to The New York Times, it seems that Gov. Cuomo lives quite happily in some strange fantasy world – one in which he is under constant attack from a vengeful Conservative Party with an automatic, knee-jerk hatred for everything he does.

Poor guy – he probably has to say such nonsense to keep the welcome mat out at the Times, and to keep the cash rolling in from the labor unions, the gay marriage activists, and so forth – none of whom would take kindly to the suggestion that conservatives are anything less than evil (and none of whom, I would bet, actually know many conservatives, despite their pretensions of "diversity").

Well, so be it. Governor Cuomo can be as overwrought and melodramatic as he likes, but the Conservative Party certainly doesn’t view him as the “Anti-Christ.”

Our focus right now is on holding elected officials accountable – making sure they say what they mean, and mean what they say. So politicians who scheme to get the Conservative Party endorsement, but then turn around and betray our conservative principles – well, you can be sure they won't be getting our support in the future.

And if politicians with whom we generally disagree take a principled stand on controlling taxes and spending, we applaud their actions – with the understanding that we’re still going to disagree with them most of the time.

Sticking to deeply held principles, holding elected officials accountable, even “speaking truth to power,” as Andrew Cuomo’s lefty friends might put it... too bad these things seem to be unacceptable in the Governor’s world.

Have a nice weekend.

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