Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Talk about scare tactics! More on the Obama scare tactics. The Heritage Foundation explains that

The NRO cheers Boehner.

Larry Kudlow passes on the peas but will take the porridge.

Please, he is not serious, is he?

GOP wants the health care review board jettisoned.

A scathing column by Michael Goodwin and right on the mark!

Unfortunately, there is no reprieve for the incandescent light bulb.

Separation of Church and State when it is convenient, but when it is a bill that the left wants, it is okay to have religious organizations involved?

A much needed veto, what were they thinking when they passed the bill?

The NY Post Editorial agrees that the taxman is overextending its reach in this case.

Walter Williams writes about Failing Liberty 101 and Thomas Sowell writes about Unknown Unknowns.

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