Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Listening to the President address the Nation last night, all I could think of is I've heard this before. Apparently so did the Heritage Foundation. Conservatives are not very happy with Speaker Bohner's approach to solving the debate. In fact the Washington Times calls it a revolt. Bill Kristol calls Obama's remarks condescending and S. E. Cupp wants to know where his leadership is, while the WSJ is fed up with his blaming everyone but himself. Jennifer Rubin writes about Two Speeches, Two Visions. The NY Post Editorial supports the GOP for holding firm. And the Weekly Standard gives the House GOP kudos for bringing the debate this far.

Thomas Sowell on Debt-Ceiling Chicken.

When losing ground, President Obama turns former Presidents for quotes. Last night, he quoted Ronald Reagan, NRO corrects Obama by with the rest of the story. (Thanks to Paul Harvey for the tag line.)

Wisconsin is losing GE's business to China.

E. J. McMahon explains why NY's tax administration earned an "F".

Each day New York fails to begin hydrofracking is another day government fails its citizens!

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