Thursday, June 2, 2011

The NY Post Editorial says "Shame on him" regarding AG Schneiderman turning his office into a tool for political activism. (Unfortunately, the man is so ambitious, he probably rejoices in the NY Post taking him to task.)

The NY Daily News gives us a glimpse of what the "ethics reform" bill might look like.

Secure Communities as described by the Department of Homeland Security. Governor Cuomo caved into the opponents of Secure Communities and withdrew New York's participation. My nomination for dumbest quote of the week is by City Councilman Daniel Dromm explaining his support of withdrawing New York from Secure Communities "I have people in my district who were afraid to jay walk because they were afraid of being picked up and having their fingerprints sent to the federal government and being deported for a minor infraction".

Daniel Henninger on the Obama economy. Larry Kudlow with more on the economic outlook.

The Washington Times covers the meeting of President Obama and the GOP House Members.

The Washington Examiner says Obama has only himself to blame for the economic doldrums.

Pat Boone: Adapt or Die.

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