Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Obama is not telling Americans the truth about the cost of Fannie and Freddie.

More analysis of Obama's lack of private sector jobs from the Heritage Foundation.

As if the above wasn't enough bad news for Obama, the Washington Post has an article regarding Obama's phony accounting on the auto industry bailout.

As Obamacare starts 30% of firms state they will stop offering health care. (So much for if you like you coverage you will be able to keep your coverage...not possible if the place you are working for stops offering it.)

Another article on the proposed Ethics bill. The proposed bill has been introduced, more to come on the proposal as we have gone down this road before.

Nicole Gelinas on real rent reform.

If the Port Authority has its way, it will cost even more to get into and out of Manhattan.

Seriously, would you send your child to this college?

This from Suffolk County Chairman, Ed Walsh, Jr. (as it appeared in Newsday's blog)

Suffolk Conservatives: No WFP nominees

The Suffolk Conservative Party has laid down the law. No local candidate that accepts the left-leaning Working Families Party line will get the support of the right-leaning minor party.

Edward Walsh, Suffolk Conservative chairman, left, said he is just following a directive from the state executive committee.

Walsh admits his committee did not do so in the past -- especially when Chuck Pohanka was the Suffolk leader of the Working Families Party. “Then it was really Working Families, now they are just the liberal party which is totally opposite of us,” he said.

Walsh said none of the candidates seeking their party line expressed any difficulty with the ban.

Every Tuesday is Thomas Sowell Day.

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