Monday, June 6, 2011

Today marks the 67th Anniversary of D-Day, the most decisive battle of WWII and what ultimately led to the defeat of Nazism. Thank you to all veterans who made the world a safer place then and thank you to all current members of our Armed Forces who are currently committed to making the world a safe place.

Keeping Americans safe in not just in armed battles as the Heritage Foundation points out in today's edition.

Friday afternoon, it was announced the Legislature and Governor reached agreement on an "Ethics Bill". The Bill has not been introduced yet, but you can read about it here, here (Has Mr. Dicker seen the bill?) here (it should), and here. I'm certain we will blog about the bill once it is introduced.

Gov. Cuomo wants hyrofracking report by July.

John Liu, sock puppet.

Michael Barone on Friday's distressing economic news.

John Berlau on Obama's funny auto-jobs math.

Why does a former Harvard professor evade direct answers when questioned by Congress?

Is there a silver lining in Weinergate?

On Wednesday, June 8, there will be a rally at the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initative offices located at 90 Church Street at Noon to speak out against the Cap & Trade scheme. For more information click here. Herman Cain and Steve Malzberg will be at the rally to end Cap and Trade.

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