Monday, June 20, 2011

A federal agency publishes a 475 page document that states government is not the if only other federal, state, county and local government would reach the same conclusion.

Michael Barone explains how government looks to the past, while free enterprise looks to the future.

Instead of hitting the golf links, President Obama should spend time studying economics.

Fred Barnes calls the president: Follower-in-Chief. The Washington Times wants to know if the President's fidelity to oath is on autopilot?

Mr. President your "Hope and Change" is producing a great Misery Index, hope you are proud of this.

The US Supreme Court is right on this and this. Someone should tell NBC about the later decision, seriously, did they think no one would notice? Maybe those at NBC don't join in while the Pledge is being said, but this proves ordinary, everyday people do -- and they take their Pledge of Allegiance very seriously.

New York looks like it may have an agreement on the rent regulations.

Seems to me if you hold a press conference stating that you are resigning, you should resign! Maybe the negative press on this matter, finally got him to send it in.

Michael Goodwin has some strong, justifiable criticism for Governor Cuomo.

The Governor has just sent out an appeal to have you call your State Senator in support of non-traditional marriage..... he is wrong on this issue!!! Encourage your family and friends to call and support traditional marriage. 518-455-2800. Phone calls are the best at this time....emails may not be read in time. Protect the values America was founded what Ed Mechmann believes what will happen if this bill passes....also think of the cost of these lawsuits...but more importantly, think of the Pandora's Box that will be opened. Children are the future and learn valuable lessons from their Mothers and Fathers. Please make that phone call now.

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