Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greece turns violent.

The Heritage Foundation reminds us of the UN's terrible record on Human Rights.

No surprise here.

When did this become the role of the Department of State?

Disgraceful! So is this! If my Country offends you, why are you here? I'm really getting upset with worrying that America offends my neighbor or recent immigrants and that we have to change. America respects its heritage and its heritage is uniquely that of many becoming one nation. Our American Flag is the very symbol of being united and quite frankly, as we will soon celebrate the 235th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, its time we declare...We ARE Americans first, last and foremost.

Would someone explain why Facebook hired a hacker?

The US Supreme Court gets it right again on this issue. Will it translate into good news for taxpayers?

A double dose of Thomas Sowell, here and here.

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