Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Rep. Anthony Weiner has become our national punch line – but with the massive pension windfall he could receive it’s starting to look like the joke is on America’s taxpayers.

Talk about a joke: How about Eric Holder’s reign as Attorney General? That’s the resignation I’d like to see.

The latest example of his dangerous incompetence is the convoluted “Operation Fast and Furious” scheme, which according to Sean Hannity “could be the biggest and most underreported scandal of Obama’s presidency.”

This boneheaded operation – the focus of congressional hearings this week – allowed assault weapons to be sold to Mexican drug cartels so they could then be tracked by the ATF.

The result? Two “fast and furious” rifles were found near the body of a murdered Border Agent in December, 2010.

This, according to the Washington Examiner, is “the latest evidence that it's past time for Holder to go.”

Do you agree that Eric Holder should resign? Give your opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

Here’s a look at how President Obama’s view on jobs and ATMs is quite a joke itself...

The President’s claims on the “call it anything but a war” situation in Libya? They’re not being taken too seriously by members of Congress – Republicans AND Democrats.

And last year’s “Recovery Summer” that was so relentlessly promoted by the Obama Administration – well, that seems a bit silly one year later, doesn’t it?

Here in New York, now is the time for everybody in Albany to get serious about the tax cap...

The Heritage Foundation has a nice take on Fathers Day and the importance of marriage. If you haven’t already, make sure you take the time to contact your Senator and ask them to take a strong stand for traditional marriage here in New York.

Have a nice weekend!

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